If you’re looking for a sample of what we might cover, you’re in the right place!

1. Are you totally confused by all the conflicting information around how much protein, fat and carbs to eat? Not to worry, we’ll cover it!

2. Do you struggle with meal planning, meal timing and portion sizes? Do you want a simple way to get it done and make the right choices? I’ll give you tools to make this piece easy and simple.

3. Do you love to cook but can’t find the time? Or do you hate to cook? There is a pathway for both the chefs and the non-chefs…either way I can help you find healthy ways to get good, nutritious food into your body.

4. Tired of counting calories? Great! I have news for you: it doesn’t work, anyway. I’ll show you a better way to get to your goal.

5. Do you crave carbs, sugar, or alcohol? Would you like to understand why you have these cravings and finally find a way to overcome them? No problem, I’ll give you tools to put the cravings behind you!

6. Would you like to know what foods go straight to your belly and turn into fat? (Sure, who wouldn’t) …well, I’ve got answers for you.

7. Would you like to learn how water and caffeine impact your weight, energy and appearance? I’ve got news for you…it may be different than you think.

8. Do you experience fatigue, bloating, gas, skin rashes, joint aches and pains or brain fog? Some of these symptoms may be caused by the foods you eat. Learn how to get rid of the foods that are disrupting your mental and physical health.

9. Are you wondering about whether you should be eating organic food or non-GMOs? Do you find food labels incredibly confusing? Are you wondering what processed food is ok to eat? I get it! We’ll sort through all of your questions and get you on the right path.

10. Where do you eat most of your meals? In front of the television or computer? Do you want to learn how “mindful eating” will help you eat LESS and lose weight?

11. Are you an emotional eater? Do you need tools to help overcome this? This doesn’t have to be a losing battle. We can work toward putting this behavior behind you.

12. How do lifestyle factors like stress, sleep and exercise impact your weight? We’ll address ALL factors that are getting in the way of you attaining sustainable results.

Don’t see your main concern? Not to worry, reach out to me and we can discuss it!

I do not want us to work together “forever”…instead my goal is to support you, educate you and teach you to do this on your own. I want to give you the knowledge, confidence and tools to attain the one thing we want for ourselves and all our loved ones: health and happiness.