My goals upon starting this nutrition program were weight loss, overall better health, and putting better habits in place. In the first month of the program, I lost five pounds. I have been sleeping better and I have more energy than before. Kendra has built a fun, yet challenging, program. I was able to build better habits that helped me re-think my overall nutrition. Kendra is extremely easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable about such a personal topic! I would recommend this program to anyone who has struggled with nutritional choices in the past, or anyone who needs to jumpstart a better way of living. I loved the group setting. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel talking with a bunch of coworkers about a topic as personal as nutrition, but it was so fun! Overall, I was so
pleasantly surprised at how well this nutrition challenge went. It resulted in not just personal results, but also built a stronger team, and even changed how employees approach everyday snacking and food choices.
Eliza Bladon
My goals when I started the program were to experience less heartburn, sleep better, and eat less processed food. Since the program, I’ve been cooking so much more, and I’m buying the right ingredients to able to just throw something together at home. I’m barely eating frozen food at all. I also got motivated to start working out. Since I’m getting married in June, this was the absolute best time for this nutrition challenge and the extension group program. It has kept me on track so that I can look my absolute best for my wedding. I believe anyone that finds it hard to achieve goals on their own would benefit from this program. Kendra is compassionate, easy to talk to, and caring.
Emily P.
I entered Kendra’s group program wanting to lose weight and find the motivation to focus on better health. The program gave me insights and information that I haven’t been able to obtain through other channels that I’ve pursued in the past. I no longer want quick fix foods unless they bring value. The program also inspired me to “compete” against myself! I found it very helpful that the program focused on one or two healthy habits each week. This made it so much more manageable than trying to do everything at once. It also helped me see the areas that I really need to keep focusing on. Kendra is super-friendly, approachable, knowledgeable without being
condescending, and truly interested in finding solutions for whatever hurdles you face. I would recommend this program to anyone that has tried Weight Watchers-esque programs and felt like they weren’t getting enough.
Shelby Brynes
My goals entering our corporate nutrition program were weight loss, eating good food on a budget, and better fitness endurance. I lost 12-15 pounds during the eight-week program. Now I’m down 25 pounds from my highest weight. I’m feeling awesome and I honestly think the BIGGEST thing that I gained was awareness around what to purchase to surround myself with foods that are better for me. I’m paying closer attention to ingredients and I’m leaning toward only purchasing natural products, which definitely cuts costs and helps me stay within my budget. One of the most significant changes I’ve noticed since beginning the program is that I buy very little processed food now, if any at all, which means that my added sugar intake is very low. I have a good amount of energy without sugar and processed
foods. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to make sustainable lifestyle changes – large or small! Kendra is attentive, supportive and empowering. It was so helpful to be held accountable to my teammates/co-workers. I am competitive, but I was even more motivated by sharing things with folks. I’m so thankful for your time with us and for helping me see that a lot of this is much easier to do than it can feel at first.
Liz Mongrello
After struggling with stomach pain for years, Kendra was able to solve my stomach problems in a matter of weeks. She not only identified key issues extremely quickly, but also came up with realistic, easy-to- implement solutions. The best part of working with Kendra is that she works with your schedule and your lifestyle. If you are traveling somewhere with limited food options, she helps you
plan what to eat. If you work somewhere that has limited lunch options, she helps you prep super easy, quick meals on the weekends so that you are never starving. Finally, she is also super knowledgeable about all of the new research – so no matter what new snack or food trend you want to try, she can tell you if it makes sense or not.
Maria C.
Kendra came to my office to run a nutrition program for my coworkers and me. I jumped full in and was shocked by what I learned. This wasn’t just, “Start dieting.” It was gaining real knowledge about how what we put in our bodies immediately
affects our everyday lives. I was able to lose weight, but even more, I changed so many really bad habits and gained some great new ones. What’s even better is that I brought the competition home, and my husband joined in and lost over 30 pounds. It was an amazing experience. I hope to work with Kendra again!
Ashley W.

“Working with Kendra was a great experience. Not only did Kendra provide great advice, but she did so in manageable amounts and in ways that were cognizant of my particular lifestyle and goals. Additionally, Kendra was incredibly patient and flexible with scheduling around my work hours, and I was able to fit our check-in calls into my schedule easily. I appreciated Kendra's focus on holistic, sustainable health, and feel that working with her left me with tools and insights that I continue to incorporate into my daily routine”.


Becca G

“Kendra was fantastic in helping me find and fine-tune a diet plan for my fitness and personal goals. She gave me creative meal options that helped me sustain my diet. She is knowledgeable, very responsive to questions and a pleasure to work with!”


Lori Carpenter

“Though I have always worked out and eaten "healthy", I was having a hard time seeing the results I desired. Kendra really helped me hone in on the areas in my diet that needed adjusting. Her constant feedback, attentiveness and knowledge over the 8 week period resulted in me having a more balanced diet, increased energy & better workouts.” 

Alexis Fallon

“Kendra’s program covers a vast amount of information—from healthy habits, macronutrients, and meal prep—that any athlete, seasoned or not, will benefit from.  I’m a CrossFitter that has a grasp on basic nutrition and religiously counted macros, but had stalled out on getting results.  Kendra reminded me to take a step back, look at the big picture, and reset to reach my goals.  After eight weeks, some minor adjustments to my diet, and support from Kendra, I was back on track and seeing results I’ve been striving for.” 

Lauren Saalmuller
“Kendra’s program focuses on the basics of nutrition–no quick fixes or eliminations. She taught me to build my diet around my life and fitness regimen and helped me make small changes that had a big impact. She’s extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and motivating!”
Amy Sullivan

“Having access to an extremely knowledgeable nutritional coach and a fantastic support group was an amazing experience. I loved learning something new every week and making small tweaks to my diet and lifestyle, that proved to be a sustainable way to make meaningful changes. Weeks after the program, I am still able to make good choices and follow the best path for my health, even during he holidays!”

Sophie Bakradze

“Kendra is a great health coach. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about making sure you live a healthy lifestyle.  Kendra takes the time to educate you on having great habits for great health.” 

Carlos Soberon

First of all kudos to you for organizing such a great group program, I loved all your emails, tips, ect. You’re a great health coach! You’ve motivated me more times then I can count – to clean up my diet, quit soda (I’ve been off the stuff since January), and cut down on sugar. The program got me back to my target weight and I’m feeling leaner and healthier then I have in months. I feel great!

Kerry E.

Kendra is an incredible partner! She has the right balance of encouragement and helpful information but allows space for you to complete your own personal journey. I not only felt refreshed and rejuvenated after the detox, but I felt more knowledgeable about myself and about my nutrition habits thanks to Kendra’s guidance and support. I really got a much better understanding of my eating habits; I never knew how often I put stuff in my mouth when I am getting stuff for the kids. I really enjoyed doing the group program.

Chris K.

My goal when I started working with Kendra was to slim down for my wedding and to address some issues with Emotional
Eating. Kendra was able to help me work toward these goals by holding me accountable (in the kindest way possible!) and having me slowly make small changes which added up over time. She kept me sane in the months leading up to my wedding! Kendra helped me stop beating myself up for what I eat and to change my all-or- nothing attitude. She also helped me realize that it’s way more important what I do most of the time, than what I do some of the time! (i.e. 1 occasional slice – or even 2 – slices of cake will not ruin my health or goals). Kendra is kind, upbeat, funny, knowledgeable, encouraging, and thorough. She is very flexible and encouraging. She will help you in anyway she can and tailor a program to your needs. It’s not a one-size- fits all approach – all steamed broccoli and chicken, no, she wants you to follow an approach that you can stick with in the long run, which makes it so much more doable!! I would recommend Kendra to anyone who is looking to change his or her eating habits, eat healthier, and feel better!


Kathleen R.

I came to see Kendra to get my weight under control. I’ve always struggled with it. Also, I have a terrible sweet tooth. She gave mesuggestions to eat that curb my hankering for something sweet. I learned how to still eat healthy when I’m at work. Also, she made me less afraid to eat!!!!! I now have my sweet tooth under control and that’s a big deal for me. I’m motivated when ever I’m around her. She has made a big difference in my life. I can’t recommend working with Kendra enough!!!

Happy R.

My goal when I started working with Kendra was to improve my diet so that I could have more energy during my workouts as well as overall. I also wanted to decrease my body fat percentage. Kendra gave me the right tools I needed to make the right changes and showed me where I was making the wrong choices. I noticed my energy levels improve after one week. I have more energy throughout the day, no drops in the afternoon, no need for “siestas” after lunch. I also have a very sensitive stomach and it is almost never upset now. I also managed to lose a considerable amount of body fat!! Kendra is a gentle soul. She has this way of helping you without forcing you to do anything. She is realistic and accommodating. What I liked the most was she never gave me a list of set meals that I had to eat on a daily basis. She just gave me the guidance and tool/options to make the right choices that worked for me, which makes for sustainable long-term change. And the best part was that these changes were gradual, so I wasn’t too overwhelmed. I would recommend Kendra to anyone who wants to live a healthier life. Food is such as important part of our lives and we are surrounded by all kinds of choices so it’s imperative to know how to make the right ones and unfortunately, these choices are not always clear, so having Kendra is amazing. Overall this was a great experience! I was afraid of following some crazy meal plan and it would be too hard and I wouldn’t be able to maintain it, but it was totally doable! One of the best investments I’ve ever made on myself!

Cris E.