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Cut Your Cooking Time in Half

This video provides simple tips to cut your cooking time in half! Really, no need to spend an hour cooking a healthy dinner every night. Try this new method of cooking and comment below to let me know how it goes. And if you’d like individual or group coaching on your health and nutrition

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How to get rid of a cold

What’s worse than a cold or fever when you have 100 things to do and even more places to be? If you’ve ever struggled to recover from a cold or flu, then check out this video for immune boosting tips! Listen to the audio on the go Try out this new way

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Most powerful spice on the planet

With nearly 7,000 peer-reviewed studies published on its medicinal properties and countless benefits for the body, turmeric may be the most powerful spice on the planet!   Turmeric is a perennial plant and a member of the ginger family. This pungent, bitter herb can be ground into a standalone spice or combined into

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Staying on Track when you Travel

Airplane (or Car Travel) – Most airport food is generally pretty bad (especially at Logan), so bring your own delicious food and snacks. On my last flight to LA, I packed small bags of roasted sweet potatoes, protein pancakes, carrot sticks, apple slices, grilled chicken and a PB&B sandwich. Ok, that might seem

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Ten Tips for Better Health in 2017

I’m all about balance, moderation and consistency, but since the #1 New Year’s Resolutions seem to consistently revolve around losing weight, eating healthier and becoming fit(ter), I thought it was a good opportunity to put together a “Top Ten” list. Try making these changes and watch how they are bound to have a

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  Next week is Thanksgiving! Can you believe it? Let’s talk about how to get a game plan together that will have you feeling proud of yourself. It’s a day of traditions, of giving thanks, and of…well, pigging out. We all know that it’s practically an American tradition to starve yourself until the Thanksgiving meal,

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Sugar Blog 3

  It’s SUGAR SEASON! Holiday treats are upon us – nipping at our heels and adding to our waistlines. Um, nope. HOLD UP. Not this year, let’s make informed decisions and start cutting the sugar from our diets! First: did you read my first 2 blogs on sugar? If not, please circle back and read

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Apple Cider Vinegar

How does Josh Plosker (owner of Reebok Crossfit Back Bay) start his day?   He reaches for a glass of apple cider vinegar (ACV) water. I’m guessing it’s not for the taste, but for the plethora of health benefits. I’m a huge fan too, so check out this list of health benefits!   Antibacterial: The

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What’s the Fuss About High Fructose Corn Syrup?

After reading my last blog, did it get you thinking about the sugar hiding out in your everyday foods? I hope so, because it will make a huge difference in reaching your health goals. If not, here is some added incentive…read on. If you’re struggling with shedding those extra pounds, it’s helpful to know how

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Sugar hiding in our food

Is Sugar Evil or Just Getting a Bad Rap? Unrefined or unprocessed sugar is a simple carbohydrate that occurs naturally in food such as grains, beans, vegetables, and fruit. When unprocessed, it contains minerals, enzymes, and proteins which are great for the body. Unfortunately, refined (processed) sugar lacks these same nutrients, which makes it hard

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